CPE360: Computational Data Structures and Algorithms

Note: The CPE360 started in the autumn quarter (September 2022) bu Professor Hang Liu in Stevens Insitute Of Technology --- Burhard 103.

Course Description

This class will cover the principles and practices of data-structure and algorithm. This class includes theory and programming sections. We will study different data-structure and their operations likes array, list, vector, trees, heap and graph. Besides, we will not only learn how to design how to solve a problem, but also how to make program run, measure their time-complexity and time comsuming.

Basic Logistics

Professor (Lecture): Hang Liu

TA (Programming): Zhanfu Yang

Lecture Times: Tue, Thu 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Lecture Location: Burchard 103


Date Topic Readings
Lecture 1 September 1 Welcome, programming interface setup
Lecture 2 September 6 C++ basics
Programming 1 September 8 Programming
Lecture 3 September 13 List, Recursion, Queue, Stack and Set
Programming 2 September 15 Linklist Programming
Lecture 4 September 20 Searching
Programming 3 September 22 Search Programming
Lecture 5 September 27 Efficiency and Time Complexity
Programming 4 September 29 Time complexity programming
Lecture 6 October 4 Tree and binary tree
Programming 5 October 6 Binary tree programming
Monday class schedule October 11 No class
Lecture 7 October 13 Binary Search Tree (BST) and Balanced BST
Programming 6 October 18 BST deletion and Midterm Review
Midterm October 20
Midterm Review October 25
Programming 7 October 27
Lecture 8 November 1 Priority Queue and Heap Tree
Programming 8 November 3 Priority Queue and Heap Tree programming
Lecture 9 November 8 Sorting Algorithm
Programming 9 November 10 Quadratic sort programming
Programming 10 November 15 Merge sort programming
Programming 11 November 17 Radix Sort programming
Lecture 10 November 22 Hash Table
Thanks Giving November 24 No Class
Programming 12 November 29 Programming
Lecture 11 December 1 Graph and Graph Traversal Algorithms
Programming 13 December 6 Programming
Programming 14 December 8 Programming
Final December 15